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Welcome.  I am a serious amateur astronomer, eclipse chaser, and budding astrophotographer. I am a board member and volunteer at FPOA.   Come by some time and say hello!

These pages are intended to share some of the work that I have done with the rest of the community.

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Almaden Observatory

Narrowband Imaging

North American Nebula in NHO

Remote Photography

Almaden Observatory has a problem.  Aside from being located in one of the largest cities in America it also has almost no southern horizon.  The house obstructs any object further south than -30 dec.  Fortunately at the 2017 AIC I was presented a solution - ChileScope. This is a telescope near La Serena Chile that rents time.  In the next few months I will be posting images taken in the Southern Hemisphere of objects either not visible from California or barely visible.

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Chile Scope Domes

HDR image of 2016 Indonesia Solar Eclipse (Bareford/Hawley)

Eclipse Photography

Images of Solar Eclipses

Madras Oregon 2017
Prominences at 3rd Contact

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Africa 2013 Svalbard 2015
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China 09
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2014 Geographic South Pole Marker

TravelQuest 2014 Trip to the South Pole

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Educational Lecture Series (legacy) Messier Charts
Mirror Cleaning using Collodion USP

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