8P Tuttle Passes M33

The night of Dec 30 2007 the bright comet 8P Tuttle passed close to M33.  These are some pictures and a movie of that encounter
click on the images for a full size

The red box shows the approximate size of the full frame image.

This is a combination of 14 60 second exposures processed using ImagesPlus.  The comet shows as a streak.  These photos were taken from about 20:30 to 21:52 PST from South San Jose CA

The comet was blazing across the sky.  To show this better here is a movie of the comet's motion.  This is a 2.7 MB wmv file.


These photos were taken with a Canon 20Da using a Televue 76.  They were taken unguided on an Orion Skyview Pro mount.

rjh 1/1/08