These are photos from the May Saturday night at Plettstone (near Mariposa, CA). 
Click on these pictures to get a higher resolution image.

Like salmon, many of Michelle's scopes return to where they were born.

At sunset Mercury was visible just above the horizon.

The moon was out until about midnight. Since it only about 11% the sky was dark in all but the west. That allowed everyone to begin observing and enough light to observe them observing.

These were all taken with a regular camera tripod at f/1.4 @ 20 sec with ISO 800 using a Canon 20Da camera.


The bright Asteroid Vesta was bright enough to almost be a visual object in Mid May.  It is captured here in this set of photos

Here is a SkyMap Pro charts to locate Vesta in this crowded star field. The  red  square is the approximate field of view for the full size image.

This is a blow of of just the area containing Vesta


Other Shots

These are probably the last shots I will do with a fixed mount.  These were principally a test of the f/1.4 24mm lens I purchased for astrophotography.


The North American (NGC 7000) is dimly visible below Deneb.

Altair to Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Scorpio

By 12:30 AM clouds had begun moving in. Jupiter is the overexposed object.

rjh 5/22/07