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These pages detail the 2013 West Africa Eclipse trip  from TravelQuest.  I have been traveling with TravelQuest for the past 10 years to places as diverse as Novosibirsk and Papua New Guinea.  They are a company I trust to make sure the trip is both safe and enjoyable.

This was going to be another eclipse at sea.  Based on my past experience that only works if the tour company and captain agree on the goals of the trip.  Aram, the leader of TravelQuest, did his part and the captain did his. It was an incredible trip.

Pre Pre Trip Madrid

We had never visited Spain before.  Since the original plan only involved two half days in Spain we decided to arrive a little early and see the Madrid area.  TravelQuest used their connections and put us in contact with OleSpainTours.  They made all of the travel arraignments including 3 private guided tours.  I unconditionally recommend them.

Pre Trip Morocco 

We have done ship tours in the past. The reality of the logistics means that ship board tours are rushed affairs.  We would see Morocco from a bus on a tight timetable. We wanted more exposure to Morocco so we signed up for the pre-trip.  

That proved a good decision from a number of points. First, we got a great exposure to Morocco with a small group which provide mobility and access.  We were introduced to a great group of people that we both hope we can continue to travel with (in fact, I changed by 2015 plans).  Finally we were guided by Cesar (who I had met but never dealt with before) and Aram himself who I have had the great pleasure of traveling with over the last 10 years (as well as being a loyal customer).

Cruise on the Corinthian

Due to a problem with the boat we had a two extra days in Spain.  That worked out well.  The original itinerary had us blowing through southern Spain without giving us a chance to see it.  This way we enjoyed more of Spain.  We especially liked Mijas.


On the evening of the 24th we boarded the boat.  The cruise line devised a very clever plan to minimally impact the itinerary.  It did mean pushing the boat the first night which made sailing rough.  Many of us (including me) were sporting dots behind our ears.

Nov 03 Eclipse Day


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