Wide Angle Astrophotography

I am a novice at Astrophotography.  Still some of my wide angle work using an Astrotrac is worth sharing. Eclipse Photography is here.
My new work is narrowband which can be found here.

Atacama Desert July 2010

These photos were taken from San Pedro de Atacama.  See the story in the PAS Observer for info on the trip.
Both were fixed tripod 30sec at f 2.5 ISO 1600 with a Canon 20Da
Southern Milky Way Small Mag Cloud

Sunglow Ranch April 2009

Summer Milky Way, Centaurus, Downtown Virgo

Cygnus From Plettstone (8-31-08)

Henry Coe Messier Marathon 08    

Christmas 07 Comets

On 12/26 17p Holmes and 8p Tuttle were close enough to be captured in the same wide angle frame.
Tuttle passes M33 on Dec 30.

GSSP 2007

Peak Parking Lot Friday Night
Sagittarius and the Northern Milky Way Friday Night (fixed tripod 20 sec, F1.4, ASA 800, 24 mm)

Photos from Feb 2007 trip to Costa Rica

Click here for my photos of the Southern Milky Way and Orion taken on the annual TQ trip to Costa Rica

Plettstone May 19, 2007

rjh 5/3/09